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Bjarne Wahlgren


Bjarne Wahlgren

Professor at Aarhus University, department of Education(DPU),

Leader of the Danish National Centre for Competence Development

Conference Summary and Fishbowl Discussion

Bjarne Wahlgren reflect on his research into the relationship between theory and practice and connect it to what he has heard during the conference. Consequently he will lead a summary ”Fishbowl”  discussion with presenters and participants from the conference. Wahlgren will draw on his extensive research on the connection between theory and practice to lead the fishbowl discussion and thus create a possibility for participants to summarize what they have experienced and learned during the conference and deepen the conversation in a plenum with all the participants.


Andreas Fejes | Ingibjörg Elsa Guðmundsdóttir | Bjarne Wahlgren 

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