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Session A

Blended learning in vocational training.

Henriette Duch (HEDU), Lene Mark, Hanne Wacher Kjaergaard

Problem Based Learning as a Cultural Tool for Health and Safety Learning in a Multi-national Company

Søren Henrik Adam, Eva Petersson Brooks

Intersubjectivity in Entrepreneurial Education

Timo Nevalainen

Session B

Erosion of theory and practice in adult education?

Anja Heikkinen

Cogenerative Learning and Research – Heterogeneity and Reflective Leadership

Robert Skaresund

Session C

How can dialogue enhance the learning experience of older adults (45+) in Higher Education?

Chris McAllister, Poulter, Grace

Learning in later life and the U3A movement in Norway

Sigvart Tøsse

Session D

How can active citizenship be learned?

Annika Turunen

The Next Step?

Bruce Spencer & Jennifer Kelly

Why LLL should be moved to the central stage of the system of education

Jón Torfi Jónasson

Session E

Managing learning in management

Christian Tang Lystbæk

Producing subjects in beauty school advertisement – a question of gendered knowledge and consumerism

Eleonor Bredlöv

Finnish Teachers’ Experiences of Internal and External Evaluation as a Tool for Development

Päivi Atjonen

Session F

Teaching judging and judging teaching in teacher education.

Birthe Lund & Lars Lindhart,

Changes in teaching habits reported by folk high school teachers after having the opportunity to watch themselves teach on video

Eva-Marie Harlin

How and Why Teachers Try to Make Students Think

Jonna Lappalainen

Session G

From working life into higher education

Per Andersson

Job training and developing further competences for workers in elementary schools other than teachers.

Hidur Betty Kristjánsdóttir & Valgeir B. Magnússon

Session H

Can distance education support rural development

Hróbjartur Árnason

Adult education and social capital in local communities

Palle Damkjær Rasmussen

Educating for decolonization: Interculturality in the Andes

Robert Aman


Learning in Networks and the challenges related to the competence development of educators

Antra Carlsen, NVL Head-coordinator
Maria Marquard, NVL coordinator in Denmark, responsible for NVL thematic research networks


Download overview of sessions WITH abstracts

Overview | Session A | Session B | Session C | Session D | Session E | Session F | Session G | Session H | Symposium