Conference Theme

A Theory of Practice:

A meeting-point

between theory and practice

  • How does the practice of adult learning inspire research and theory building?
  • How does theory and research inspire practice?

Welcome to Iceland on 5-6th March 2013 to discuss how the theory and research of adult learning meet the practice of adult education and training.

The study of adult learning is one of the fields of study which tends to be close to practice. Publications in the field often deal with questions relating to how adults learn in various situations in life: At the workplace, as patients, dealing with change or even in their leisure As scholars we tend to be curious about how and why people do what they do. But sometimes we wonder whether our work is of use to others! Does research and theory-building have an effect on practice? Does it touch practitioners in their work – be it in the workplace, in hospitals or in lifelong learning centres etc.? Likewise, one can ask how practice, be it traditional or innovative, inspires research. Does the practice of Adult Education in all its various “practices” inspire theory building and research, if so how?

At this fifth Nordic Conference on Adult Learning we want to respond – face on – to demands from earlier participants for a conference which appeals to both researchers and practitioners, by inviting these two groups to meet and discuss matters which interest both parties.

We will be offering a space where researchers can present their findings and get qualified responses and discussions, both from a scholarly point of view and the practical, as well as offering practitioners the opportunity to get reactions from researchers and other practitioners to ideas, examples and cases they present. Sessions will mix short presentations of papers from both researchers and practitioners where their ideas and findings will be discussed and deliberated.

The conference will thus offer two days of intensive discussions with interesting Keynotes and lively interaction on research and practical cases.

Researchers in the field are encouraged to submit papers for presentation and discussion. Likewise are practitioners encouraged to submit papers presenting cases of practice they would like to discuss and put in context with research and theory. We will then try to mix and match interesting topics together. Presenters will also be free to suggest sessions which they assemble themselves, mixing research and cases.