Where to go out to eat

hrobjartur : February 28, 2013 11:10 pm : News & Updates

Here are just a few ideas on where to eat…

Close to venue:

View 5NCoAL Restaurants for Monday in a larger map

  • Potturinn og pannan: Good Icelandic ingredience, buffet
  • American Style: Hamburger
  • Pítan: Pita with meat, fish or falaffel
  • Vox: in Hotel Hilton Nordica
  • on Suðurlandsbraut: East of Hotel Hilton, many Asian restaurants


You might like to check out

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Practical information before you arrive

hrobjartur : February 28, 2013 5:50 pm : News & Updates

We would like to inform you of the following:

1. Fly bus. There are regular Fly buses in connection with every flight, between Keflavik International Airport
and the Central Bus Station (BSÍ) in Reykjavik. The bus service brings you directly to your hotel, be sure to buy a ticket all the way. You walk across the parking in front of the arrival hall to get to the busses.

  • Tickets can be bought on arrival inside the terminal building at the Reykjavik Excursions booth or in the ticket machine located by the exit door of the terminal building.
  • Sometimes you can even buy the ticket on board Icelandair planes.
  • Tickets can also be bought online prior to your journey on www.flybus.is  

2. Money can be exchanged at the local bank at Keflavik airport, and ATM machines are located widely around town, close to the hotels and credit cards are accepted (almost) everywhere in Iceland.

  •  The exchange rate should be better than in your home country.

3.   Monday 4th March – early registration and welcome drinks at SKÁLI– University of Iceland, School of Education, v/ Stakkahlíð Háteigsveg between 18.00 – 19.00.

4.   Tuesday 5th March –  registration for late arrivals 8.30-9.00. The conference opens at 9:00. University of Iceland, School of Education, v/ Stakkahlíð Háteigsveg

5.   Tuesday 5th March – Culture and history walk Reykjavík downtown 18.00-19.00. Meet at the harbor and take a short walk through old  downtown Reykjavík with a guide – interesting stories and sights -.

  •  The tour ends at the Iðnó Restaurant for the conference dinner.

6. Tuesday 5th March –  Conference dinner Restaurant Iðnó 19.00. For those who have not registered yet please let us know if you will be attending the dinner.


7. Please note that if you have food allergies or food intolerance you must also notify the waiter on site – we have also sent the requests beforehand.

8.   With our natural hot water we strongly recommend that you bring your swimsuits, there are open air  swimming pools all around in Reykjavik and then there is, of course the

See information on weather on www.vedur.is 

9.   Please read the website for further information and updates on the program:  http://fifth.ncoal.org/updates/


Download and print this page: Practical info before you arrive

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Practical information

hrobjartur : February 27, 2013 10:13 pm : News & Updates


You can check out all the times and rooms for all sessions in the program now.

The page on the Venue has detailed maps.

You will have wi-fi access to the internet in the conference venue.


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Social programme

hrobjartur : February 27, 2013 9:30 pm : News & Updates

PopTech 2012 - Reykjavik Iceland


Part of coming to a conference is to experience nice things together with collegues. Although our time together is short we hope you will enjoy:

  • Meeting with us informallyon Monday at 18:00-19:00 over a beer/glass of wine some snacks before going for supper somewhere with collegues and aquantances. Registration is open in at the University of Iceland, School of Education, in the reception area “Skáli“. This gives the opportunity to mingle and get acquainted before the work starts on Tuesday morning.
  • On Tuesday evening those who like are invited for an hour-long stroll from Reykjavik harbour through the oldest part of the City to Iðnó, where we will have an Conference Dinner together.
  • The Conference dinner is in iðnó, a house built by the society of craftsmen (iðnaðarmenn).  It has been the home of schools and theaters to name a few.

Meeting point for walk from harbor and… at the bottom of the picture: Iðnó


More details in the conference program which is distributed at registration

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Changes in programme

hrobjartur : February 27, 2013 10:54 am : News & Updates

moving targets, night, "red stripe" green walking two

Due to unforeseeable changes… a late cancellation. We have had to change the programme a bit.

Sessions B, C and G change somewhat. See here below:


Session B on Tuesday:

No change:

Erosion of theory and practice in adult education?

Anja Heikkinen

Moved here:

Cogenerative Learning and Research – Heterogeneity and Reflective Leadership

Robert Skaresund & Jan-Erik Perneman


Session C on Tuesday:

Both of these presentations moved here from Wednesday:

How can dialogue enhance the learning experience of older adults (45+) in Higher Education?

Chris McAllister, Poulter, Grace

Learning in later life and the U3A movement in Norway

Sigvart Tøsse


Session G on Wednesday

Moved here: 

From working life into higher education

Per Andersson

No change:

Job training and developing further competences for workers in elementary schools other than teachers.

Hidur Betty & Valgeir B. Magnússon


We hope this does not cause any inconveniences, but this seemed the best solution we could find.

Thematically some presentations seem to fit even better together now 😉

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Daytour offer

hrobjartur : February 14, 2013 10:02 pm : News & Updates

Check out our a daytour offer for monday!

If you arrive on Sunday, maybe you might like to book a daytour on Monday.

Check out the daytours our conference handler: Yourhost, is offering, and enjoy an enventfull day touring Iceland.

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Symposium on learning in networks

hrobjartur : February 14, 2013 3:05 pm : News & Updates

Antra Carlsen

Antra Carlsen

We have just received the final program for a symposium from NVL. The titile for the symposium is: Learning in networks and the challenges related to the competence development of educators. This is an interesting theme for all of us in light of the fact that most of us participate in all sorts of networks in our field. Usually in order to learn something through our participation in these networks. NVL has a lot of experience of organizing such networks. It will be interesting to hear Antra Carlsens and Maria Marquards reflections on their experience in this field.

Maria Marquard

Maria Marquard

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Wikis for each session now open

hrobjartur : February 8, 2013 6:23 pm : News & Updates

Usee the Wiki to participtate and discuss with people coming to the same sessions as you

Usee the Wiki to participtate and discuss with people coming to the same sessions as you

All the conference sessions now have their own Wiki pages. This means presenters can now change their abstracts, upload their papers and presentations, link their names to their university profiles and even embed their presentations, if they have uploaded them to Slideshare.

Participants and presenters will be able to conduct discussions on the session on the “discussion” tab for each Wiki.

We hope you will use this to make the sessions even more useful and succesful.

To upload your paper please read the instructions here.

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Abstracts and paper sessions published as draft

hrobjartur : January 25, 2013 5:46 pm : News & Updates

The programme committee has accepted 23 very interesting papers for the paper sessions. We are working on allocating them into time slots in the programme, but a preliminary division into sessions is already online. You can find it here.

As we have divided the papers into groups of three papers we have 8 paper sessions. We expect one or two symposia to be added to the programme soon. But the programme looks very promising already. I am sure you will find we have recieved papers which address many very pertinent and interesting aspects of adult learning.

Please take a look at the overview and see for yourself.

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Abstracts accepted

hrobjartur : January 15, 2013 9:34 am : News & Updates

We have accepted 23 papers and expect an additional one or two symposia on the program. The papers cover a wide range of subjects and promise to offer interesting discussions on current research and practice of adult education. The abstracts will be posted online shortly.

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